Keith Thomas, 1st AD


Keith Thomas is an extremely ambitious, motivated and enthusiastic Producer/Director/DP working within the TV/Film industry. With 18 years of successful production experience, he tells stories allowing the audience to connect with visual and aural elements, affecting them in an instinctual, intimate and visceral way.

Keith has developed an excellent understanding of location and post-production as well as technical and logistical issues. He knows exactly what is needed from capturing in the field to the editing room and regularly assists clients in saving time and money in the total production process.

With extensive experience in producing/directing popular TV programs such as Snapped, Fatal Attraction, and My Strange Addiction, to name a few, Keith has developed a keen insight on how to bring gripping stories to life. Years spent solely as a commercial producer/director/DP provided an opportunity for Keith to hone his skills in turning productions around at a rapid-fire pace without sacrificing quality. In the land of reality TV Keith writes, shoots, captures audio, and creates music on some of the nations most popular shows such as Prancing Elites Project, Say Yes To The Dress ATL, Property Brothers, and Salvage Dawgs. He has gained valuable experience in every area of film production and makes excellence a priority for all projects. He holds a BA from Virginia Tech. Keith’s personal mantra is simply… Do.

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