Ismyrne Geffrard, Costume Designer

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Ismyrne Geffrard is a versatile Costume Designer based in New York City. Some of her most recent works have can be seen in films at the Cannes Film Festival,  Zanzibar International Film Festival, and African Film Festival. Recent television credits include She's Gotta Have It (Netflix), Quantico (ABC), The American's (FX), and The Punisher (Netflix).

Ismyrne started her career as a Department Store Stylist dressing mannequins for storefront displays. While Ismyrne was working as a full-time stylist in the retail industry she was also a full-time student at Berkeley College in New York City where she graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Fashion Marketing and Management.

In 2013, Ismyrne decided to take a leap and trade dressing mannequins with dressing actors for Film and TV without any form of education or training. All of her training and knowledge about Costume Design which, including breaking down scripts, continuity, fitting and organization were a combination of her experiences on set designing for independent filming makers; executing her own research and studying the craft of other designers such as Ruth E. Carter, Zelda Wynn Valdes, Lynn  Paolo, and Janie Bryant to name a few.

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