Chavon Sutton


Playing the role of "Cassandra" is Chavon Sutton.

Chavon Sutton is an actress, writer, model and producer. Recent credits include Finding Our Way, Stupid Cupid, 12 Angry Women and In the Blood, to name just a few.  She is also a classically trained Soprano who has performed extensively, including at New York's famed Ashford and Simpson's Sugar Bar, Village Underground and the National Opera Center America.

A native of Newark, NJ, Chavon has always been a creative spirit.  She began singing and writing songs, poetry and short stories at the age of five, and she played trumpet, mellophone and piano by the age of 12. But a desire to act grabbed her by surprise, despite being a binge-watcher of TV and films before it was a thing!  It was during a production of The Color Purple on Broadway that she turned to her mom and tearfully said: “I’ve got to do this!”  In late 2016, Chavon ramped up her formal training by attending prestigious acting schools such as New York’s The Barrow Group and Upright Citizens Brigade.

What makes her a renaissance woman, though, is her ability to seamlessly navigate the creative and business worlds.  It began with an unrelenting passion for learning.  She holds a BA in Economics from University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated cum laude, and two Masters degrees (an M.A. and M.B.A.) from New York University.  Chavon has worked as a Wall Street investor, helping corporate and private clients to strategically grow and manage assets. She is also an accomplished journalist, having written hundreds of articles as a business reporter for and Reuters America.

Still, she makes giving back a priority. Chavon served as the first African American associate board member for Rosie’s Theaters Kids in New York and was recently the first African American elected to the senior board for the Hyde Leadership Charter School in the Bronx, NY.  Chavon strongly believes that mentorship and sponsorship early in life are the keys to success, and she enjoys providing college/career advice, and tutoring kids in writing and math.

Chavon is a true chameleon, but her deepest joy stems from working with other creatives to tell compelling stories through TV, film and music. Her ultimate goal is to leverage her diverse professional and creative talents to help propel more positive narratives of people of color to screens both big and small. Chavon is a proud member of New York’s Black TV and Film Collective, which has afforded her incredible opportunities to master her craft and to create.  She is currently collaborating with BTFC to produce exciting new content for digital media.

When not ripping and running, she loves spending time with friends, family (especially her cute, little and inspiring mom), binging movies and traveling the world.  

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