"The DREAM that became a REALITY!! So honored to have been a part of this wonderful production."
- Schanica Pickens, Award-Winning Make-Up Artist

"Just wanted to express my deeply felt gratitude to each of you. It was such a great experience that I'll never forget. I've been on a few sets but this one was definitely one of the best, if not THE best. I've never been on a set where EVERYONE was genuinely nice and good on the inside and selfless, ON TOP of being bomb as f@%k skill wise. Those former things are often either overlooked or not present in this industry. Seeing you love on each other and support each other and MAKING A MOVIE!!! The balance and energy were nice and I'm glad I got to experience it. ALL OF YOU have pure, beautiful hearts and spirits....And I hope to be able to work with each of you again and support whatever you got going on!

- Danielle S. Mooney, LMSW; Writer, Producer, Mentor